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2023 Fiafia Cultural Night

The atmosphere at Pt England School was electric on Fiafia Night. I’m not sure how our 500+ performers were feeling, but you could sense a exhilarated vibe!

When you entered the school, it was greeted with a handful of food stalls (operated by whanau) in the car park. There was so much variety to choose from, but my favourites were the seafood fritters, chocolate doughnuts, and delicious Tongan Otai fruit drink.

As a staff member of the Tongan Boys Group, I had the privilege of seeing the changing room filled with our families helping out, getting ready for our performance. The intensity was tangible, but a sheer sense of excitement buzzing through the crowd.

When we were called to head over to Te Kapua (where the stage was set up), the adrenaline was pumping. The whole school was excited for this event that we had been practicing for so long.

All the students looked amazing in their cultural attire, and the Tongan Boys Group were glowing from the coconut oil and excitement.

After 7 weeks of practice, we were all ready to put our best foot forward to showcase to our families and community.  You can check out our website for all the recorded performances.

I’m so proud of everyone who participated, and all the work that the tutors put into the items. It was absolutely outstanding, those were seen and unseen – Well done to everybody!