Rm 9 PENN: “Mana Wave” (#UpdaWahs)

This year, our school is all about making kindness contagious with the theme “Make Kindness Go Viral” (Wheoritia te atawhai). One cool way to spread some kindness is with a special greeting – the Mana Wave!

What’s a Mana Wave?

It’s a Māori twist on a friendly wave. Mana, in Māori, is a powerful word that means much more than just prestige or status. It’s about respect, strength, and a special kind of energy. So, a Mana Wave is more than just saying hi – it’s about sharing that positive energy with others.

Who started it?

Truck drivers in Aotearoa/New Zealand came up with the Mana Wave. They’d give a big, enthusiastic wave to other drivers and road crews they passed by. It’s a simple gesture that shows kindness and creates a sense of community.

So give it a try! A Mana Wave is a great way to show someone you care.

Have a tumeke holiday PES – Keep the Mana PES!
Kia Kaha! #UpdaWahs!

5 thoughts on “Rm 9 PENN: “Mana Wave” (#UpdaWahs)

  1. Kia Orana Room 9,

    Love your movie that you made! Keep waving that mana around our school! Up the wahs 🙂

  2. Kia ora Room 9.

    I love your video! Good to see you all sharing the mana and wairua with Pt England School. Enjoy your holiday, and make sure to keep sharing that mana and wairua with your families and the community 🙂

    Miss Tuiā

  3. Hi Room 9

    Great mana wave video! Looked like heaps of fun to film and I enjoyed watching it 🙂 Hope you all have a great holiday!

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