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Rm 9 PENN: “Mana Wave” (#UpdaWahs)

This year, our school is all about making kindness contagious with the theme “Make Kindness Go Viral” (Wheoritia te atawhai). One cool way to spread some kindness is with a special greeting – the Mana Wave!

What’s a Mana Wave?

It’s a Māori twist on a friendly wave. Mana, in Māori, is a powerful word that means much more than just prestige or status. It’s about respect, strength, and a special kind of energy. So, a Mana Wave is more than just saying hi – it’s about sharing that positive energy with others.

Who started it?

Truck drivers in Aotearoa/New Zealand came up with the Mana Wave. They’d give a big, enthusiastic wave to other drivers and road crews they passed by. It’s a simple gesture that shows kindness and creates a sense of community.

So give it a try! A Mana Wave is a great way to show someone you care.

Have a tumeke holiday PES – Keep the Mana PES!
Kia Kaha! #UpdaWahs!