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Healthy Lunches

This year we’ve had a new provider for our school free lunches called ‘Kiwi Canteen’.

Kiwi Canteen supply lunches across South and East Auckland schools.  Our learners have been loving their nutritious, well-seasoned lunches, especially our fussy eaters.

The lunch comes with a main meal, fruit and a snack (eg: banana cake, biscuits, pop-corn, corn chips and our learner’s favourite chocolate brownie).

Our lunch ranges from sushi, chicken burgers, pasta, fried chicken, with mash
potatoes and peas.  During Samoan language week, we even had chop suey and rice on the menu.  It’s better than the chop suey Mrs Siō makes.

We haven’t decided what our favourite lunch is yet, but we wonder how does Kiwi Canteen make the lunches tasty?