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Coin trail and Wacky Hair Friday Assembly

This week, our school participated in a coin trail (raising money for overseas) with a wacky hair on Friday.  It was astounding, the amount of creativity and work that went into some of these unique designs.

Check out Diana-Grace (from our class). Her hair design was outside the box thinking.

It started with a bottle (orange fizzy drink bottle), pinned on top of her hair, then her pony-tail that went from the bottle into the cup (that had a straw attached to it).  Her whole hair was spray painted the colour orange.

Diana-Grace  said her mum put it together.  A+ for brilliant idea and using her hair as the prop.  I wonder what her next hair design will be?

Prefect Korero – Stay cool at School

Today’s prefect korero is ‘Stay cool at school’.  To help us to stay cool – during morning tea and lunch, we keep our hats on, stay hydrated (drinking water through out the day), hygiene – keeping our hands sanitise and keep our jumper and jackets off and placed inside our bags.

Check out some of our class posters by Khai Shwe, Diana Grace, Eziaz, Hinerangi & AJ.  Please leave a positive comment on their blogs.  Nga mihi nui.