Term 2 Inquiry – Changes Matter

This term was exciting, because we were looking at States of Matter – solid, liquid and gas.

In our respective classes Room 9, 10 & 11, we were able to rotate between our classes and look at the States of Matter.  Our learners were able to participate three experiments pertaining to Solid, liquid and gas.  Our students investigated the properties of matter that involve chemical reactions, such as liquid to solid, solid to gas, and gas to liquid changes.

Our students used their hypotheses to test what they had learned.  One of the experiments we did was to investigate how cream changes to butter when pressure is applied. What are your thoughts on this experiment? What examples of states of matter changing have you seen in your classroom or home?

Here are some examples of states of matter changing:

Liquid to solid: Water freezing into ice, chocolate chips melting and then hardening again
Solid to gas: Dry ice sublimating into carbon dioxide gas, water boiling into steam
Gas to liquid: Water vapor condensing into clouds, dew forming on grass

Check out Shwe Shwe’s blog about ‘liquid’ experiement: https://peskhaishwem.edublogs.org/2023/04/27/liquids/

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