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Manamea Production

Recently, few of our PES staff attended an evening dance production called ‘Manamea’ (Samoan meaning of my ‘sweetheart’).

One of our former teacher support Roni Wright played the lead role of Sitione, who falls in love with Palepa.  However, both their families are involved in a long-standing land dispute.

Roni’s performance was truly exceptional – at Pt England, he’s typically the one behind the scenes, shinning the light for all students to be stars!  This resonated deeply with me, as we have students in our learning spaces who don’t always have a prominent voice, but with consistent support and encouragement, they have the potential to blossom into remarkable individuals.

Although our Pt England family missed your debut Roni, I know they would be cheering you on to see you flourish.

E felelei manu ae ma’au i o latou ofaga (Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive).

This proverb teaches us that adaptation is essential for survival and success. Just as birds must adapt to new environments, we too must be willing to adapt to new situations and challenges in order to achieve our goals.

Your journey is an inspiration to us – be open to new possibilities and to never give up on our dreams of greatness!

Thanks Roni – look forward to seeing more of your work on stage!