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Life Ed – The power of words

During this week, we’ve had Life-Ed trailer arrive to our school escorted with Harold the giraffe. Sylvia and Monica were talking and coaching us on “mind chats,” or conversations we have in our heads. They explained that if our self-talk is negative, our brains start to believe it. This led to a discussion about fixed vs. growth mindsets.

We then watched a video about the difference between bullying and being mean or rude. It was important to learn the distinction between the two so that we could be up-standers and do the right thing.

We learned that words are powerful and that we can show empathy and kindness by being mindful of our language.  We also discussed the importance of not conforming to negative behaviour.

Finally, we learned strategies for shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. In our learning, what are some of the areas we need to shift from fixed to growth mindset?