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Keeping ourselves Safe – No excuse for Abuse

We had our 2nd visit from Constable Gordon to talk about different forms of harm.  This was a valuable experience for students. It is important for learners to know about harm so that they can identify and avoid harmful situations.

The activity that Constable Gordon facilitated, was explaining different forms of harm and their rights.  He went through different forms of harm (they labelled and blue-tacked around the room, on the wall) used various of case scenarios, then the students had to stand beside the headings (classified forms of hard).  This activity was thought-provoking for students, as they had to discuss why they stood under that form of harm.  This was a great way of critical thinking to develop a better understanding of harm.

I had some interesting feedback from students about this activity.  A few students were uncomfortable with some of the terminology that was used.  A few students were able to describe some of the forms of harm that they have been exposed to and we talked what their next steps would be.  A few students asked if Constable Gordon will be returning for further learning.

Here are some questions that could be asked for our students to reflect on the activity:

What was the most challenging part of the activity?
What did you learn about yourself and others from this activity?
How can you use what you learned in this activity to help yourself and others?
I believe that it is important to have open and honest conversations with students about harm. By talking about it, we can help to break down the stigma and make it easier for students to seek help if they need it.

Having these open and honest korero/talanoa with students about harm, allows them to break down the stigma and make it easier for students to seek help if they need it.

Link to the lesson plan